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AS.010.102 Introduction to History of European Art II
Overall Rating: 4.03
Based on 3 reviews
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Professor: Stephen Campbell
Semester: Spring 2015

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2015
The best aspects of this course included the instructor being passionate about what he taught, his ability to explain concepts well, and the interesting material he covered. However, many students felt that the absentee policy was harsh. The instructor rushed through the material and there was a huge workload. Suggestions for improvement were for the instructor to distribute his notes to students and for him to slow down while teaching. Perspective students should be aware that missing one class may be detrimental and that memorization is important. As challenging as the class was, students interested in history will still enjoy this class.
Professor: Stephen Campbell
Semester: Spring 2014

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2014
The professor of this course was able to teach his students about a wide range of artistic movements while being both clear and organized. Students also found the TA very helpful and supportive. Although there was a great amount of information to discuss, the professor made sure that he put emphasis on important movements and pieces of art. The exams and the readings seemed to be the worst aspect of the course because students were expected to memorize enormous amounts of artwork and the readings were dense. Students also noted that the professor was tardy almost every class period. It was suggested that the professor send out reading assignments further in advance and clearly state the format of the exams to improve the quality of this course. Prospective students should expect a pretty easy class with a hefty bulk of reading.
Professor: Mitchell Merback
Semester: Spring 2013

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2013
The best aspects of this course included the consistently interesting, thought-provoking material and the engaging lectures. Students also appreciated the fact that the sections covered different material than the lectures. Some students felt that that course always lagged behind. Suggestions included fasterpaced, discussion-based lectures and fewer required readings. Prospective students should be prepared to memorize a lot of information and keep up with the readings as they are pertinent to the exams.