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AS.010.147 South Asian Art, Culture, and Politics: Empire, Colony, Nation
Overall Rating: 4.54
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Semester: Fall 2017
Difficulty: 1/5

Workload: 30 Hours/Week
June 7, 2018
Professor: Rebecca Brown
Semester: Fall 2012

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2012
Students enjoyed the charismatic and knowledgeable professor who made lectures engaging and interesting. The worst aspects of this course were the excessive amounts of readings and assignments, which many students didn’t feel were beneficial. The course would improve if the readings were reduced. The course would also improve if the assignments were more carefully chosen and focused so that more in-depth information could be covered. Prospective students should know that this course is reading and assignment heavy, but overall very interesting.
Professor: Rebecca Brown
Semester: Fall 2011

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2011
The best aspects of this course included a passionate instructor, helpful assignments, and a small class size. Some students felt that the course load and the readings were particularly dense and that the expectations for writing papers were not clearly defined. Suggestions for improvement included providing clearer instructions for assignments and choosing the reading assignments more carefully. Prospective students should know that having a background in art history is helpful; they should be prepared to read and write a lot, and memorization is necessary for tests.