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AS.010.203 Abstraction
Overall Rating: 4.83
Based on 3 reviews
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Professor: A Brinton Cooper
Semester: Fall 2017
Difficulty: 1/5

Workload: 3 Hours/Week
May 1, 2018
They're a pretty great teacher, but be reasy to read.
Professor: A Brinton Cooper
Semester: Spring 2017
Difficulty: 1/5
Grade: A+
Workload: 30 Hours/Week
April 20, 2018
Professor: Molly Warnock
Semester: Spring 2014

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2014
Many students who were enrolled in this course agreed that the professor was an excellent speaker and her lectures were engaging and interesting. Students were excited about their field trips to the BMA and felt it have them the hands-on experience that they needed in dealing with museums. The class felt organized, fun, and compelling. However, many students felt that the course readings were dense and were not fully related to the class. In addition, students would have found it helpful to have PowerPoints along with lectures because often times they missed what she was saying because of how quickly she spoke. Suggestions for improvement include: fewer readings, more discussion, and a new projector that works. Prospective students shouldn’t be discouraged from taking this course if they aren’t an Art History major.