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AS.010.212 Mirror Mirror: Reflections in Art from Van Eyck to Velasquez
Overall Rating: 4.32
Based on 2 reviews
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Professor: Mitchell Merback
Semester: Spring 2016

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2016
Most students found this class to be quite interesting and appreciated the highly engaged professor. Some students were unhappy with the intense workload associated with course and felt that lectures did not allow for much discussion on course topics. Suggestions for improvement included a clearer trajectory of course, incorporation of more class discussions, and providing more feedback on
Professor: Mitchell Merback
Semester: Fall 2014

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2014
Students praised this class for being intellectually challenging with an instructor who cared deeply about the course. Students had few issues with the course though some students felt the assigned readings were pretty dense. Suggestions for improvement included ones from multiple students that the course integrate readings into in-class discussions more effectively. Prospective students should know that students found the course somewhat uneven as the first third was rather technical while the latter two thirds were about interpretation, history and psychology.