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AS.010.256 Nineteenth-Century European Art
Overall Rating: 4.07
Based on 2 reviews
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Professor: Jeremy Melius
Semester: Spring 2013

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2013
The best aspects of this course included the content covered in class and the lectures that corresponded appropriately with the text. The students also appreciated the instructor’s enthusiasm on the subject. Some students felt that more group discussions would have been beneficial and that the lectures could have been more diverse. Suggestions included clarifying expectations on what essays/papers should cover and allowing more group discussions during class. Prospective students should know that the workload is heavy and memorization-reliant.
Professor: Jeremy Melius
Semester: Fall 2011

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2011
The best aspects of this course were the in-depth, informative lectures and the rich background in art history covered during the course. Some students felt that the readings assigned for the class were not helpful in tests or for understanding lectures. Suggestions for improvement include having more in-class discussions and assigning fewer superfluous readings. Prospective students are told that the workload is fair, and it is not necessary to have a background in art history for the class.