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AS.010.357 Monumentality in Classical Art and Architecture: From Greece to Rome
Overall Rating: 4.44
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Professor: Pier Luigi Tucci
Semester: Fall 2012

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2012
The best aspects of the course included the very knowledgeable professor and the well-organized lectures which taught students about different monuments. The worst aspect of the course was the lack of adequate information provided about the different monuments as the lectures and slides were often moved through very quickly. Many students felt as though they didn’t receive enough information on how some of the monuments were built and what their significance was during their time. The course would improve if there were more opportunities for class discussions and if more concrete information was given on the different monuments. Prospective students should know that this course is heavily weighted on exams, but as long as they come to class regularly and take notes, they will learn the material successfully.