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AS.010.407 Ancient Americas Metallurgy
Overall Rating: 4.79
Based on 2 reviews
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Professor: Lisa Deleonardis
Semester: Spring 2016

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2016
Students appreciated the amount of hands on learning and interesting course content in this class. Most students disliked the lengthy lecture time. Suggestions for improvement included providing more feedback on assignments and more museum visits. Prospective students do not need to have prior knowledge in subject matter to be successful in this course.
Professor: Lisa Deleonardis
Semester: Spring 2012

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2012
The best aspects of this course were the hands-on labs, effective and organized lectures, and educational museum visits. The worst aspects of this course were the sometimes challenging exams and occasionally unclear grading system � but most students wrote that there were no bad aspects of this course. Suggestions for improvement included adding more questions to each exam. Future students should know that students need not have art history or archaeology backgrounds to do well in this class, but studying and doing the readings is paramount. The class provides students a rare opportunity for hands-on learning about an interesting, unique topic.