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AS.010.712 Michelangelo and His Contemporaries: License, Controversy, and Reform in 16th-Century Italian Art
Overall Rating: 4.57
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Professor: Stephen Campbell
Semester: Fall 2014

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2014
Students praised this course for covering interesting subject matter. They also liked the way the instructor peppered lectures with interesting personal stories and anecdotes. Perceived issues with the course focused on a belief that the course lacked a bit of structure; some students said the instructor wouldn’t cover what was discussed in the syllabus because he had fallen behind. In addition, students said they felt that midterms and papers were graded harshly and points were taken off assignments for unexplained reasons. Suggestions for improvement included a belief from multiple students that the course needed additional structure; some students wanted the instructor to update the course’s syllabus as changes occurred while another student wanted clear expectations for graded assignments. Prospective students should know that students felt the course had a fair workload and that it was a great introduction to Michelangelo and the Renaissance. While students felt a background in history would aid success in the course, it wasn’t required.