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AS.020.105 From the RNA World: From the Origins of Life to Modern Genetics
Overall Rating: 4.25
Based on 1 review
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Professor: Melissa Mefford
Semester: Fall 2014

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2014
Students broadly praised this course for having an approachable instructor who gave individual attention and instruction to students who needed it. Perceived issues with the course varied; some students felt the instructor lectured too much for a seminar-style course, while other students thought the instructor relied too much on densely packed PowerPoint slides in her lessons. Suggestions for improvement included a broad desire among the students for lecture slides to be posted so they could look at them on their own time and for the classroom experience to be more interactive, either by the instructor emphasizing in-class discussions or challenging students to complete in-class projects. Prospective students should know students found that a good background in biology was helpful for succeeding in this course. Students also warned that the material covered in the course could be dense and that there is a noticeable and quick ramp up in the difficulty of the course.