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AS.020.106 Freshman Seminar: Tuberculosis
Overall Rating: 4.38
Based on 4 reviews
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Professor: Robert Horner
Semester: Fall 2014

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2014
Students praised this course for having a passionate instructor who covered the interesting subject of tuberculosis. Perceived issues with the course were few though some students felt the assigned readings could vary from being too long or being difficult for people without a science background. Suggestions for improvement varied as well. Some students found the course to be fine as it existed, while others wanted the instructor to work harder to engage all students in productive discussions. Prospective students should know that students found this course required students to read regularly and background knowledge in science wasn’t necessary.
Professor: Robert Horner
Semester: Fall 2013

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2013
Students praised this course for having an interesting subject matter and having an instructor who brought insight and direct experience to the class. Students had few issues with the course, although some students wished the course was longer and rewarded more credits. Another student thought the course assumed students had detailed knowledge of the immune system. Suggestions for improvement included a desire for lab work involving tuberculosis. Prospective students should know that students found the course accessible, but that some background in biology was helpful.
Professor: Robert Horner
Semester: Fall 2012

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2012
The best aspects of the course included the assigned reading articles and weekly class discussions. Students felt drawn to the very knowledgeable professor who showed enthusiasm for research and also gave students introductory insight into the world of research. The worst aspect of the class was the lack of hands-on activities. Students felt like they didn’t have enough assignments to test their knowledge of the subject and that there was not much feedback on the few assignments they were given. The class would be improved if students received feedback on their assignments and presentations. Future students are encouraged to take this course, as the reading is light yet fascinating, and well correlated to the world of science.
Professor: Robert Horner
Semester: Fall 2011

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2011
One of the best aspects of this course was that it was a small, interactive class. Due to the small size, students felt that they could really participate and interact with their professor. Some students felt that material was slightly repetitive and wished that the class meet for more times a week for shorter class periods. Prospective students should have a basic biology background.