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AS.020.111 Freshman Seminar: The "Nobels" in Medicine and Chemistry
Overall Rating: 4.16
Based on 5 reviews
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Professor: Ludwig Brand
Semester: Fall 2017
Difficulty: 1/5
Grade: A
Workload: 2 Hours/Week
May 11, 2018
Super easy. only do work the week of your presentation
Professor: A Roberts
Semester: Spring 2017
Difficulty: 3/5
Grade: B+
Workload: 24 Hours/Week
April 23, 2018
The professor was really caring. Always available.
Professor: Ludwig Brand
Semester: Fall 2014

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2014
Students praised this course’s small class size that allowed for students to bond and have deep conversations. Issues with the course were few although some students said it was hard for students to pay attention during other students’ presentations. Suggestions for improvement were few; however, some students wished classes were shorter. Prospective students should know that students found the course had a light workload and covered an interesting topic.
Professor: Ludwig Brand
Semester: Fall 2013

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2013
Students praised this course for having an interesting instructor and for improving students’ public speaking skills through classroom presentations. Issues with the course varied with some students finding the course could become tedious if student presentations were boring. Suggestions for improvement included having more structure in the course, particularly a desire for greater clarity of expectations on assignments. Prospective students should know that the course was participationbased, so attendance and engagement were essential.
Professor: Ludwig Brand
Semester: Fall 2011

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2011
The best aspect of this course was that students practiced their oral presentation skills by designing their own projects and presenting them to the course. The professor was very passionate and willing to help, but the class was mostly student-led. Many students felt that the class discussions were not very lively and wished for more participation from their peers. Additionally, the worst aspect of the class is that the presentations became repetitive. Future students should know that there is a light workload for this class.