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AS.020.113 Freshmen Seminar: Microbes in the Media
Overall Rating: 4.30
Based on 3 reviews
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Professor: Thomas Cebula
Semester: Spring 2014

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2014
The best aspect of this course is the professor’s vast knowledge of the subject matter. Students also enjoyed the small, intimate class size for discussion. The professor made learning interesting and exciting by telling anecdotes. The worst aspect of this course was the lack of feedback regarding grades.
Professor: Thomas Cebula
Semester: Spring 2013

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2013
The best aspects of this course were the small class discussions held and facilitated by a very experienced professor. The professor had so much knowledge in his field and was able to present interesting and engaging topics in class. The worst aspects of the course were the dull class presentations and activities which meant there was less teaching going on by the professor. The course would improve if there were more lectures by the professor, more discussions and more homework or other types of assignments spread throughout the semester. Prospective students should have an interest in microbiology and should know that this class is participation and presentation-based.
Professor: Thomas Cebula
Semester: Spring 2012

Johns Hopkins University
June 1, 2012
The best aspect of the course was the student presentations each week. The students also felt that the professor was very knowledgeable in the course topic. Students felt that the professor could have given more periodic feedback on their performance in the course. Suggested course improvements included more feedback from the professor on course work, more class discussion after the student presentations, and maintaining better control over the class during presentations. Future students should be aware that the course is mostly oral presentations given by students and that the course work is very interesting for those with a background in the sciences.