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AS.020.161 Biology Workshop I
Overall Rating: 3.90
Based on 4 reviews
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Professor: Rebecca Pearlman
Semester: Fall 2014

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2014
Students praised this relaxed discussion-centered course which covered a wide variety of material. Perceived issues with the course were few as most students had few complaints with the course; however, multiple students felt the course was too relaxed and could have used more teaching or direction. Suggestions for improvement were also few as students expressed satisfaction with the course as it currently exists; however, some students wished to see more material presented during the course. Prospective students should know that this course requires a relatively light workload.
Professor: Rebecca Pearlman
Semester: Fall 2013

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2013
Students praised this course for having a reasonable amount of work and for allowing students to work in groups. However, some students felt that expectations and instructions were somewhat disjointed. Students suggested adding more organization and more hands-on activities. Prospective students should know that the course was a class worth taking, and that it had a “very low workload.”
Professor: Rebecca Pearlman
Semester: Fall 2012

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2012
The best aspects of the course included the guest speakers and the interactive class discussions. The worst aspect of the course was the professor’s lack of communication with students. Many felt that she never responded to emails and that the course had no new biology material to offer. To improve the class, students suggested covering more topics and giving more structure to the class assignments. Prospective students should know that this is an extremely basic but fun biology course and it will be what the student makes of it.
Professor: Rebecca Pearlman
Semester: Fall 2011

Johns Hopkins University
December 31, 2011
The student enjoyed listening to the variety of knowledgeable and interesting guest speakers; however, they said that some of the material is too complex for an introductory level course so a lot of speakers lecture too quickly. Students said it would be helpful if the slides were online or if in-class worksheets were handed out. They would also like to have more discussion-based classes on the lectures. Future students should know that a background in biology is important since some of the guest lecturers discuss in-depth biology topics.